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Tuesday, September 30

Tuesday, August 5

  1. page Designing a Website edited ... WordPress offers free themes via their website. SmashingMag also offers hundreds of free them…
    WordPress offers free themes via their website.
    SmashingMag also offers hundreds of free themes, including these.
    For Drupal
    ThemeShark -- Dozens of themes, starting at $99 per year.
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Friday, May 2

  1. page Advertising, Marketing and Fundraising Tools edited ... When Should We Add Marketing? (Seth Godin's blog) What A Hacker Learns After A Year In Market…
    When Should We Add Marketing? (Seth Godin's blog)
    What A Hacker Learns After A Year In Marketing (Brooklyn Hacker)
    Visit us at :
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Thursday, May 1

  1. page Advertising, Marketing and Fundraising Tools edited ... Fundraising Tools for raising money from users to fund your work. fundraising Crowdsourcing…
    Tools for raising money from users to fund your work.
    fundraising CrowdsourcingtoolsCrowdsourcingtools -- Raise money for individual stories
    Kickstarter-- Raise money for creative projects.
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Monday, April 28

  1. page Advertising, Marketing and Fundraising Tools edited ... Wishery -- CRM tools specifically designed for Gmail integration Insights ... digital mark…
    Wishery -- CRM tools specifically designed for Gmail integration
    digital marketing in thailand and media
    Compete ($199+ per month) -- Measure your website's metrics versus comparable sites
    Coremetrics (Prices vary) -- Track customers and optimize your user experience
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Thursday, January 2

  1. page Finding a Domain edited ... That depends on what you're doing. If you're looking to expand into video, maybe a .tv domain …
    That depends on what you're doing. If you're looking to expand into video, maybe a .tv domain might be helpful to your brand.
    Otherwise, no, you probably don't need the extra domain names. The only reason to buy them is to keep a competitor from buying them and using them to redirect traffic toward their site.
    Some Tools To Find Right Domain Name And How These Are Relevant
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Thursday, September 12

Thursday, June 20

  1. page Designing a Logo edited ... DesignCrowd -- Very similar to 99designs. Prices start at $240 for 15 designs. CrowdSpring --…
    DesignCrowd -- Very similar to 99designs. Prices start at $240 for 15 designs.
    CrowdSpring -- Like the two above, you submit an idea, and the crowd gives you back dozens of options. Prices start at $200.
    LogoBids -- Another crowdsourcing site. Prices start at $149.
    LogoTournament -- Yet another crowdsourcing site. Prices start at $275. They guarantee that you'll choose from at least 30 logos.
    The Logo Company -- Submit a logo, get five designs in return. Prices start at $149.
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Wednesday, May 8

  1. page Organizational edited Organizational and Productivity Tools Tools to keep you and your work life organized. All tools…

    Organizational and Productivity Tools
    Tools to keep you and your work life organized. All tools are free except where listed.
    Managing Your Newsroom
    Managing Stories
    ManageWP (Cost varies) — Tool to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard
    Kapost (Cost varies) -- Tools to manage your newsroom. Create spaces for reporters to pitch and get feedback about ideas, maintain your editorial calendar and track the performance of your stories online
    Submishmash (Free, or $20+ for heavy users) -- A site to receive, curate and edit submitted stories
    Camayak ($600+ per year) -- Newsroom workflow tool, dubbed 'Basecamp for content'. Accept and review story ideas, maintain calendars, build desks of editors and contributors, keep track of every story revision and publish content directly to WordPress.
    EditFlow -- Open-source tool to manage collaboration on a WordPress-powered site. Offers an editorial calendar, forums for contributors to comment on stories as they're being edited, and the ability to create user groups to organize contributors by job or department.
    Contently -- A site to manage writers and content strategy
    How to manage a proper multi-author WordPress blog (WP Candy)
    Managing Newsroom Productivity
    Project Collaboration tools
    Basecamp ($49+ per month) --
    Iklan Online project collaboration
    Campfire ($12+ per month) -- Real time team collaboration
    GoPlan ($10+ per month) -- Project collaboration tool
    5pm ($18+ per month) -- Project management system
    Huddle (Prices vary) -- Online project collaboration
    Podio (Free, or $8 per month per user) -- Online project management and collaboration, with built-in apps to tailor software to a company's individual needs
    Solo ($100 per year) -- Project management software specifically designed for freelancers
    TeamLab ($49 per month) -- Business collaboration, project and document management
    ProjectThingy -- Project and file collaboration tool
    Asana -- Task management for teams, allowing you to follow task completion in real time
    SharedStatus (Free, or $29+ per month) -- Project collaboration and file sharing
    Adobe (Free, or $15+ per month) -- Team collaboration software and file sharing
    Kindling (Prices vary) -- Online collaboration and idea sharing
    Clarizen (Prices vary on number of users) -- Project collaboration and scheduling software, works with Salesforce, ZenDesk and Google Docs
    Interstate -- Create "roadmaps" for collaborative projects, manage documents
    Yammer -- Private social network for your employees
    Hackpad -- Collaborate via real-time wiki
    Thinkfuse -- Collect weekly status reports from employees and manage communication across teams
    Projector -- Project management tool for freelancers
    WebEx ($19 per month) -- Videoconference with your team and share files
    Blue Jeans ($199+ per month) -- Cloud-based videoconferencing
    Etherpad -- Real-time document collaboration
    Lua (Prices vary) -- Communicate, collaborate and share documents. Privacy-settings built into document sharing
    Watchittoo (Prices vary) -- Hold meetings with up to 25 participants. Can also be used to stream live events.
    Flow ($99 per year) -- Real-time team collaboration tools that work on all platforms
    Do -- Project collaboration and file sharing for teams.
    Speek -- Simple
    adalah upaya pemasaran online tool to start a conference call.
    File Sharing tools
    Clarify -- Capture, annotate and share screenshots
    Join.Me -- Share your computer screen with colleagues and customers
    SyncPad ($5 for iPhone, $10 for iPad) -- Real-time collaboration whiteboards
    Jing -- Record and share screenshots
    Dabbleboard ($8+ per month) -- Whiteboard collaboration tool
    Backpack ($24+ per month) -- Store and share all details and documents related to your business
    Resolve -- Online collaboration and list-sharing tool -- One-click file sharing
    Minus -- One-click file sharing
    Skitch -- Annotate, edit and share images and screenshots
    WeTransfer -- Send up to 2GB of files among team members
    Catch -- Upload your content to the cloud
    Droplr -- Free drag-and-drop file sharing
    HelloFax (Free, or $5+ per month) -- Send faxes, sign documents and fill out forms online
    Screenleap -- Share your screen instantly with any device that has a
    dengan menampilkan sebuah situs web browser
    YouSendIt (Free, or $4+ per month) -- Send documents securely and sign documents
    pada hasil pencarian search engine dengan cara berbayar.
    Praktik pemasaran
    Burn Notice -- Send secure messages to anyone
    CloudApp -- Share files and links
    Courier -- Share your files with all your social networks directly from your desktop
    Dropmark (Free, or $4+ per month for additional storage) -- File sharing and collaboration in the cloud
    TinyGrab -- Take a screenshot, then get the URL to share that screenshot automatically
    Screenr -- Instant screencast creator
    BuzzData -- Share and collaborate on spreadsheets or other files involving data
    Crate ($10+ year) -- Drag-and-drop file sharing. Offers a short URL for each file for easy sharing.
    Kicksend — Share and view photos or videos. Also works on iOS or Android.
    Task and Time Management tools
    Kanbanery ($9+ per month) -- Online task management tool
    Rypple ($5+ per month per user) -- Online social performance platform to share goals and offer feedback
    LessMeeting ($12+ per month) -- Software to improve and organize your meetings
    Fetchnotes -- Take and share notes
    HipChat ($2 per month per user) -- Inter-office chat, IM and file-sharing.
    Voxer -- A walkie-talkie app for smartphones
    GroupMe -- Group text messaging
    Float ($19+ per month) -- Scheduling tool for your team
    ScheduleApp ($15+ per month) -- Scheduling tool for your team
    BunkerApp ($5+ per month) -- Tool to manage projects and invoices, specifically for freelancers
    Schedulicity ($20+ per month) -- Scheduling tool for an individual or a team
    Postica -- Create and share
    tersebut identik dengan istilah Pay-Per-Click advertising atau PPC advertising (iklan PPC). Pemasaran online sticky notes
    7Shifts ($15+
    menggunakan iklan PPC membutuhkan kejelian dalam analisa kata kunci, penulisan teks iklan, pengaturan biaya anggaran iklan, harga per month) -- Online employee scheduling, syncs with Google Calendar or iCal
    SendHub -- Group text messaging
    TiKL -- Walkie-talkie app for smartphones
    Tsheet ($10+ per month) -- Let your employees track, manage and report their time
    Producteev (Free, or $20+ per month for teams) -- Task management for individuals or teams, syncs with Google Apps
    Staying Organized
    Remember The Milk -- To do list for web and mobile
    TeuxDeux -- Simple to do list. Primarily web-based
    Clear (iPhone only) -- To do list app
    Trello -- Organize and collaborate on your tasks
    Wunderlist -- Task management, works with virtually any device
    Strike -- Simple, sharable task manager
    42 Goals -- Track daily goals
    MindMeister -- Organize and map your ideas
    Lazy Meter -- Personal goal tracking -- Organized and share your to-dos
    Astrid -- Social to-do list
    Pegby -- Social to-do list
    Mingly -- Maintain your social networks from within your Gmail inbox
    Springpad -- Curate your notes and tasks
    Postable -- Collect and organize mailing addresses
    TaskPaper (Mac, $30) -- To-do list software
    Todoist -- Personal task manager
    Now Do This -- One-task-at-a-time list management
    Freckle ($12+ per month) -- Time-tracking software
    Accomplsh -- Share and accomplish your tasks -- short or long-term
    Clipboard -- Save, organize and share thing you find on the web
    Cheddar -- To-do app that syncs across all Apple devices
    Daylife -- A suite of publishing tools to help news organizations create complex web content in a simple way
    Dropbox -- File storage in the cloud
    Delicious -- Social bookmarking tool
    Evernote -- Save and curate ideas and links on the web
    If This Then That (IFTTT) -- Streamlines certain web processes to simplify your life. Just tell IFTTT that if this happens, you'd like it to take that action
    Rescue Time -- Time management software
    Toggl -- Time management software
    Speechpad -- Voice-to-text transcription service
    CardMunch -- Convert business cards into contacts, with LinkedIn integration
    LogMeIn ($40 per year) -- Remote access to your PC or Mac via iPhone or iPad
    Zootool -- Visual bookmarking tool
    Paper (iPad only) -- A digital sketchpad for drawing, outlining and writing
    Mlkshk -- Save and share images on the web
    Skype -- Calling and videoconferencing tool -- Make voice or video calls from your browser or iPhone
    Budge -- A mobile tool to remind and motivate you to complete daily tasks
    Keeping your calendar organized.
    Doodle -- Easy scheduling tool -- Schedule and share your calendar with others
    Bookd -- Best used by photographers, lecturers and anyone else who books paid gigs
    Cuicit -- Schedule meetings and send out invitations
    Blotter -- Desktop calendar for your Mac
    For Doing Business In Person
    General tools that might help you do a better job of doing business in person.
    Zirtual ($97+ per month) -- Personal assistants for doing short tasks, lasting 15-60 minutes.
    Hire Your Virtual Assistant ($358+ per month) — Personal assistants for completing repetitive tasks.
    Pivotdesk -- Find a workspace for rent.
    Regus (Membership prices vary) -- Find office or meeting space anywhere in the world.
    Loosecubes (Free) — Find office space to work out.
    Tools For Your Email
    Boomerang (for Gmail and for Outlook, Free, or $5+ for heavy users) -- Lets you control when you send/receive email, as well as set reminders for certain emails
    Rapportive (Gmail) -- Helps you easily connect to contact's social media profiles from within your inbox
    Write That Name (Gmail) -- Automatically updates your address book with information from a contact's email signature
    NudgeMail -- Send yourself email reminders
    OmniFocus (for Mac, iPhone and iPad, $79) -- Task management system
    Active Inbox (Gmail) -- Manage email with actions and tasks
    OtherInbox -- Prioritize and manage your email
    SaneBox ($5 per month) -- Helps prioritize and sift through your inbox. Works with Gmail, Outlook, Apple, and others.
    Mailslayer (Gmail) -- Apps to simplify your inbox
    Due To Dos -- To do list for outgoing email messages
    Contactually (Gmail) -- Prioritize and manage your contacts, as well as set reminders for certain contacts (Gmail, $7 per month) -- Manage and search for the attachments in your inbox
    Flup -- Organize and follow up with your contacts
    Glider (Gmail) -- Sorts your inbox by the context of the emails you receive
    Fluent (Gmail) -- A workflow-oriented inbox with search and tools to reply quickly to messages
    Find Big Mail (Gmail) -- Tool to help you clean out big files from your inbox — Unsubscribe from multiple email newsletters all at once
    Presentation Software
    Microsoft PowerPoint ($119+ as part of Office suite) -- Desktop-based presentation software
    Keynote ($20, for Mac) -- Desktop-based
    Prezi -- Online-based
    SlideRocket (Free, or $24+ for heavy users) -- Online-based
    SlideShare -- Online tool to share your presentations
    Reel -- Share presentations online, get feedback about your presentations
    Projeqt -- Create and share stories/presentations online, with Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo integration
    SpeakerDeck -- Share presentations online
    Human Resources
    Tools for HR management
    OrangeHRM (Free, or Price Varies for Cloud-Based service) -- Manage personnel, time worked, benefits, etc
    SimpleHRM -- Simple, open-source HR tools
    Customer Service Tools
    Tools for answering customers' questions
    Assistly (Price varies) -- Help desk tool
    ZenDesk ($9+ per month) -- Help desk tool
    Olark ($15+ per month) -- Live chat with customers
    UserVoice ($5+ per month) -- Help desk tool
    Zopim (Free, or $9+ per month) -- Live chat software
    SnapEngage ($19+ per month) -- Live chat on your site
    Desk (Price varies) -- Answer questions, even from your mobile device
    klik (Cost Per Click atau CPC).
    Jasa SEO

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