Welcome to the JStart Wiki!

JStart is a resource for journalism startups. The startup world changes so fast, and the only way to keep up is by creating a resource that can change with it. Hence: this wiki. Anyone can edit this wiki, and I encourage you to contribute to it.

This wiki is just a starting point, of course. Remember: Startups are hard. Startups fail. I love them, too, but I know they're not easy. Look first before you leap.


What type of reporting will I be doing?

What type of business am I starting, and how do I start it?

How do I make money?

How do I create a web presence?

What other tools do I need?

What else should I know before I start my business?

Can you recommend any other sources to help me get started?

(This site was created by Dan Oshinsky. Questions about the site? Email me at dan@stry.us or message me at @danoshinsky.)