Reporting tied to a topic

Unlike location-based news organizations, some startups focus entirely on niche topics. These startups typically cater to a specific audience or clientele.

Many traditional news organizations also do topic-based reporting. Some cover broad worlds, like business (Bloomberg), music (Rolling Stone) or sports (Sports Illustrated). Within those silos, some news organizations cover even more specific niches. Sports Illustrated covers adventure sports, for example, but Outside Magazine makes adventure sports their sole focus. And others dive even deeper. Outside Magazine's umbrella of coverage includes winter sports, but there are news organizations devoted to devoted to subsections of winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding (Powder Magazine) or even just nordic skiing (Ski Trax).

There is no limit to the depth at which a news organization can cover a specific topic.

Recent topical news startups include:
  • The Awl, which focuses on culture and humor
  • Byliner, which focuses on long-form reporting
  • The City Maven, which covers Los Angeles city hall
  • Food Sense, which covers plant-based cooking
  • Good, which covers altruism and social action
  • Grantland, which focuses on sports reporting and culture
  • Grist, which focuses on environmental news
  • HitFix, which focuses on entertainment news
  • Mashable, which focuses on social media and digital trends
  • ProPublica, which focuses on national investigative stories
  • Politico, which covers national politics and related issues
  • Street Fight, which covers the hyper-local news industry