Finding the right revenue model(s)
Journalism startups are entering a world with many new revenue options. The old centerpieces of the business model -- advertising, subscriptions and classifieds -- are changing, but it's up to new businesses to find ways to add new revenue streams.

Business experts often refer to a revenue model as a stool with multiple legs. Each leg represents a source of income. A stable business is one with multiple legs supporting the stool.

Revenue Streams Worth Exploring

Some are new. Some have been around since the dawn of print. But all are making money for news organizations today.

  • Selling content
    • Syndication to other news organizations
    • Partnerships
    • Subscriptions
    • Repackaging stories
    • Direct funding from news consumers
      • Kachingle -- Consumers "tip" users for content they enjoy, publishers receive funding from tips
      • Flattr -- Like Kachingle, a social micropayment system
      • Readability -- Publishers receive funding every time users read one of their articles via the Readability platform
      • Tugg -- Use your crowd to show screenings of movies at your local theater
    • Sell your images
      • Fotomoto -- Allows organizations to sell their photography and images directly to consumers

  • Consulting
    • Sharing the skills of the newsroom with others and using the profits to support an editorial mission
      • Technically Philly built a media consulting service called Technically Media
      • The Sacramento Press built a social media consulting service called Macer Media

  • Sell products
    • Lawrence Journal-World's licenses their CMS, Ellington, to other news organizations
    • The St. Petersburg Times licenses their PolitiFact brand name to other news organizations

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