Accounting and Billing Tools

Tools to keep your finances in order.

Before You Start Working With Accounting Software
You'll want to understand what the software does. Any of these accounting tools will deliver you a handful of reports, including:
  • Profit & Loss (or P&L) report shows your income and expenses. How much money is coming in, and how much money is going out over a period of time.
  • Balance Sheet is a statement of the book value of your company, including your assets.
  • Statement of Cash Flows shows you where your money is moving.


Getting your books in order doesn't require a CPA. This software can help you get started today.
  • Quickbooks($13+ per month for online, or $183+ for full desktop software)
    • QuickBooks is incredibly powerful accounting software. It's used by everyone from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies to keep track of financial data. The software is as customizable and comprehensive as you need it to be. It tracks monies coming in and out, keeps tabs on your expenses, and helps you write checks. In QuickBooks, you can build custom reports to allow you to drill down into your financials. QuickBooks will show you reports in spreadsheet or graph form, and you can compare reports from one period of time to another. You can always export your data to Excel to send your reports to a CPA for tax filing purpose
    • QuickBooks can be used in a desktop version or an online version. The online version is cheaper and less complicated. The Mac desktop version is more powerful, and the PC version is most powerful of all.
  • Freshbooks ($20+ per month) -- Mange your finances, and send and manage invoicing.
  • InDinero (Free, but $30+ for heavy users.) -- Online-based. Manage your finances, budget, track receipts.
  • LessAccounting ($30) -- Online-based.
  • SurePayroll (Prices vary) -- Payroll-specific online software.
  • Expensify ($5 per user per month) -- Create expense reports.
  • Kashoo ($10+ per month) -- Online accounting software for small businesses.
  • Xero ($19+ per month) -- Online accounting, billing and invoicing software.
  • Peachtree ($229+) -- Desktop accounting and billing software
  • Outright ($10 per month) -- Accounting and small business bookkeeping software
  • 10sheet -- Web-enabled bookkeeping

Tools for Expenses
  • Shoeboxed -- Organize physical receipts and sync them with other business apps
  • Lemon -- Capture your receipts and track your spending

Finding an Accountant

At some point, you may want to bring on a professional to help you with your books. Teaspiller is the place to find an accountant or tax pro in your area. e.g. To find an accountant click here. How to find an accountant Video example.

Finding a Payroll Service

These services will handle payroll, and some also help with HR functions and employee benefits.

Popular payroll services include:

Billing for Customers

Tools for billing regular customers (i.e. advertisers) and managing subscriptions. Customers can pay their bills directly through the software.

Tools for sending customer invoices, without payment options built-in.


Tools for getting contracts signed electronically.

Other Tools

  • RJMetrics ($500+ per month) -- Measures database analytics and gives insight into what your customers really want/buy. It goes deeper than web analytics software, which measures the number of visitors and time on site. RJMetrics is specifically targeted for eCommerce sites.

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