Designing a Logo

Once you've got a company name and a website, you're going to need a logo for your startup. You've got two options:

Design It Yourself

If you've got a background in design -- or just know Photoshop -- maybe this is the option for you. You're going to want the Adobe suite of tools for this, including Photoshop and Illustrator. (Retail cost: $1,299.)

Hire a Pro

A handful of websites can help you get a great logo for a reasonable price.
  • 99designs -- Prices starting at $299. You give details about what you're looking for (fonts, styles, logos, examples of other logos that you like), and the designers go to work on your logo. The more you pay, the more logos options you'll get back. You pick the one you like. They're the most popular logo crowdsourcing site.
  • DesignCrowd -- Very similar to 99designs. Prices start at $240 for 15 designs.
  • CrowdSpring -- Like the two above, you submit an idea, and the crowd gives you back dozens of options. Prices start at $200.
  • LogoTournament -- Yet another crowdsourcing site. Prices start at $275. They guarantee that you'll choose from at least 30 logos.
  • The Logo Company -- Submit a logo, get five designs in return. Prices start at $149.
  • Logo My Gosh -- Logo design starting at $99.
  • Brandstack -- This isn't a crowdsourced site. You browse through thousands of logos and choose one you like. Then the designer customizes that logo for your business. Or: You can browse through portfolios of graphic designers and choose one to custom design one for you. Prices start at $350 for custom design, or in the mid-hundreds to low thousands for a specific design.
  • Elance -- A job board featuring thousands of design pros. You can look through previous jobs that the designer has done and see feedback from prior clients.